What is a Water Display?

It is a user friendly device that picks up and displays the signals transmitted from your water meter and allows you to see your meter readings and water usage in real time. 

How do you set it up?

It's really easy

  • Plug it in
  • Set up the date and time
  • Enter the number of occupant in your home

Please refer to the set up section in the Quick Start Guide 

The water display will start to tell you how much water you are using. There are also advanced settings if you feel you want to explore the Water Display further. 

The mains power also charges the internal battery. The internal battery only maintains the date and time in periods of a power failure of up to a month.   

Will it affect my bill?

The Water Display will help you to reduce your water bill by giving you up to date information about your water use. If you use less hot water then you will save on your energy bill too. Also you will not be charged for your Water Display. 

The Water Display costs less than 25p per year to run. 

How will the water display measure water use?

Each meter will emit a signal every 12 seconds or so. The Water Display interprets these signals and displays the information in an easy to read format.

Can I send this data to my computer?

Unfortunately this is not possible as your Water Display is not enabled to do this.

What happens if I move house?

The Water display will not work with another meter, so please leave it behind. If your new property is in our area and has an internal radio meter the do contact us. If we have any Water Displays spare we will send you one.  

Why is my water display not showing fish?

Your Water display will only show fish after being plugged in for 7 days. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide should this take any longer.

Can I update the water charges on my Water Display?

Yes you can update the standing charges and volumetric charges for both water and sewerage services.